Travertine is a natural stone material from the  limestone family. It is made of calcium carbonate and is usually found in the form of deposits near warm or hot springs. Gas bubbles become trapped and create a pitted surface on the stone. These pitted surfaces can be filled with an epoxy or dust resin. Filling the small holes and pits give the travertine a more finished look. It was frequently used in ancient times as a building material. Because travertine is such a porous material, it should be sealed before use in construction or renovation projects.  Travertine stone is a form of limestone. Beautiful enhancements for your home, inside and out.  Travertine is another example of natural stone, frequently used in residential applications. Travertine is the most popular natural stones for interior and exterior wall cladding, interior and exterior paving, statuary and curbing.
Travertine can be used in the follwoing places:
Travertine tile is a beautiful, natural, stone that is a sight to behold once installed. It is most commonly used for countertops, flooring, showers and tub surrounds as well as in exterior decor. Another place in the home that is becoming popular is the fireplace, usually in the living room. Having a travertine fireplace makes for a stunning focal point and a sure conversation piece. Using it as a backsplash in the kitchen has also become a popular option. It gives the kitchen a dramatic effect without having to change the cabinets out, or do any other major renovations and it is also easy to maintain. Kitchen floors have also been installed with this wonderful stone, because of how durable and how easy it is to maintain in high-traffic areas, keeping in mind that it should always be cared for properly. Whether it is in the kitchen, bathroom, or anywhere else in the home, travertine has proven to be an excellent option.