Product Knowledge

So many design options, so many durable possibilities. There are countless things to take into account when considering natural stone. Which is why we’ve included a wealth of information here so you can make an informed choice and make the most out of your decision.

Leed Way Natural Stone

Caring for your Granite

Five Questions to ask when choosing natural stone for kitchen counters

Using natural stone for kids bathrooms

Using natural stone around your poolside

Kitchen countertop comparison chart

Pros and Cons when using granite countertops

Granite vs. Marble

Granite vs. Quartzite

Granite vs. Onyx

Granite vs Porcelain

Granite vs. Hardwood/Butcher Block

Granite vs. Quartz

Granite vs. Laminate

Granite vs. Recycled Glass

Granite vs. Concrete

Granite vs. Concrete

Granite vs. Ceramic Tile

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