Caring for your Natural Surface/Stone

A lot of people question how to maintain their granite/marble (natural stone) countertop. It is easy to maintain your natural stone countertop. Clean stone surfaces with a neutral or mild liquid cleaner or stone soap and warm water. Always use a clean/soft cloth. Rinse the surface thoroughly after washing with the soap solution and dry with a soft cloth. Stay away from acid based cleaners.


Don’t mistaken sealing with polishing. These are two different procedures. Sealing can be done on your own to make stone more stain resistant, whereas, polishing requires a professional to come to your home to polish the surface because the finish has become dull.

  • Done on some natural stone surfaces as an extra precaution against staining.
  • Sealing does not make the natural stone stain proof, rather it makes the natural stone more stain resistant.
  • Not all natural stones require sealing, it is just a common practise.
  • Majestic Marble Import sells sealers that you can buy and seal your own countertop. Sealing is NOT something that requires professional help, it is a do-it-yourself activity and can be done once a year. For more information about sealing, call Majestic Marble Import to find out more.

At Majestic Marble Import we sell products used for stone CLEANING and SEALING. Call us for more information.