Onyx is a semi-precious form of chalcedony which has alternating straight bands of color, most commonly brown, red, white, and black. Chalcedony is the group name for a large family of stones, all of which form from silicon dioxide, also known as quartz. In order to be classed as chalcedony, a stone must be milky, and translucent to transparent, often with layers or bands of color. The color of onyx , as with other forms of chalcedony, is created through impurities which seep into the rock as it forms.This exotic natural stone is about luxury and glamor. This stone is also used to elegantly be used as a transmitter of light. An exquisite and unique stone which is classified as a high end stone.

Onyx can be applied in the following places:
Onyx marble is most often used as a fireplace surround, bar top, or as a small island because it transmits light. Other uses include wall cladding, light duty residential floors, sink, tables and tub surrounds.

White Onyx

Honey Onyx

Pink Onyx

Green Onyx

Vanilla Onyx